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Dances in the folk tradition are exceptionally numerous and widespread. Some are performed as religious ritual, others, particularly on the Indonesian island of Bali, by highly trained and respected artists, and still another kind as entertainment in which the community participates. Folk theatre is more complex than folk dance and thus less widespread, but it has deep connections with religious ritual.

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You will receive an email notification once the file has been added to our database. Thank you for sharing with Weaving Identities! This toolkit aims to promote the Southeast Asian community by providing information and classroom resources about our shared values, history, and heritage.

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Thank you for visiting us! Our base is located in Denver, CO. Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe is a non-profit organization made up of dedicated volunteers, that is comprised of friends, students and young professionals from different ethnicities. It is an organization dedicated to promoting and introducing the sport and art of dragon and lion dance, health, wellness, and the Asian culture.

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In the continent of Asia, Chinese dance known as lion dance has managed to become one of the most popular religious and entertaining dances. After more than a thousand years of its use in China, surrounding countries of Taiwan, Japan and Korea accepted this dance into their culture, modifying it in their own ways. The basic principle of this traditional dance is to mimic the movement of lion while wearing the elaborate lion costume.

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Asia has a bright tapestry of distinctive dances particular to its many different cultures. They are, at once, fiercely guarded traditional treasures and proud examples of the artistry and imagination of tribes and nations. These folk dances come from the history and heart of specific people, telling their stories as evocatively as any artifact or legend.

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South Asian dance encompasses dance forms originating from the Indian subcontinent India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and varies between classical and non-classical dance. Other dance forms include Kalaripayattu or Kalari and Chhau which are influenced by martial art. The non-classical dance are Bollywood dance and folk dances such as Bhangra, Garba, Kalbelia and Bihu dance.

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From ancient times, theater and religion have had a close, often symbiotic, relationship in East Asia. Theatrical performance is an integral part of certain animistic, Confucian, and Buddhist rites in China, Korea, and Japan. Priests have been performers, and even today temples and shrines provide places for performance.

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The diverse cultural, religious and traditions of the Asian countries are reflected not only in their lifestyles but also in their dances. Each country in Asia has several indigenous and ethnic groups within its own country. These groups have their own unique identities and traditions, which are also visible in their dances.

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