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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Talking Apes.

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The point is, these generally uninformed people and shady companies try to make it seem like watching porn is a healthy habit, and that porn and real, deep love can comfortably coexist in the long run. Their reasoning is that since sex and love are natural human experiences, that must mean porn is healthy too, right? How, exactly, can we know for sure that anyone in any porn content gave their consent?

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Rapes have become the new normal in my country. Girls and women are getting raped left, right and centre. Even the highly regarded Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in Mumbai, has reported the abuse of minors and women.

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However, research suggests that not all porn viewers are the same. Recreational porn watchers made up the highest group, accounting for 75 percent of all participants involved in the study, NY Magazine reported. This group watched an average of 24 minutes of porn a week and was largely made up of women and people in relationships. This group watched an average of minutes of pornography a week.

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Others partake of it occasionally, and others on a regular basis. But experiencing an uncontrollable compulsion to view porn can be as problematic for some people as other behavioral addictions. A Kinsey Institute survey found that 9 percent of people who view porn have unsuccessfully tried to stop.

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By Dr. Raju Hajela Sex is a biological function that is necessary for procreation and survival of the human species. Some degree of attachment and love have traditionally been considered pre-cursors for sex to happen between two consenting partners, such that pregnancy and raising of the resulting offspring would be cared for by both parents.

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I was fascinated by the reactions last week to the British government's intention of making British customers positively "opt in" to allowing pornography to be part of their internet package. The idea is ostensibly to protect children from seeing images which may prove harmful. The first was simply one of those 'I watch porn; I don't like the violent stuff; but hey, the things I watch are harmless recreation' pieces.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. People continue to ask the same questions about porn that they have for decades: Is porn good for us or bad for us? Is it immoral or is it empowering?

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Pornography is any visual medium, writing or speech that is viewed for the primary purpose of eliciting sexual arousal. Similar to other addictive behaviors, the physiological experience and recurrent use of pornography makes it difficult to avoid future use. However, as most viewers of pornography know, people do not tend to feel fulfilled, connected, or content after pornography use, instead feeling disconnection and often shame.

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Despite many of our popular beliefs, the internet is not a safe place for our children to be roaming around. Pornography and predators seem to be lurking everywhere, just waiting to hook your child into their schemes. Not to mention that one out of every seven teenagers will be subject to an online sexual advance.


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