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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has long known that the armed forces hold the key to his continued tenure in office. And while cracks have appeared in recent days in that unified facade, there appear to be few outward signs that it will crumble anytime soon. On Saturday, four air force officers — three generals and a female major — announced over social media that they were taking the side of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president on Jan.

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German prosecutors have reopened the case of a female cadet who allegedly fell from a navy training ship amid claims she was raped and murdered after threatening to speak out about a sex tape. The case has stumped the authorities since it happened in September off the coast of the German island of Norderney. Jenny Boeken, 18, had impressed her superiors during training and was expected to become an esteemed officer when the incident happened.

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Loften C. Thornton has been a Navy chaplain since The blast was so violent it rained shrapnel and debris on the island of Guadalcanal a mile away, killed a soldier onshore, knocked everyone standing within that radius off their feet, and flung one sailor into another vessel moored yards away.

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These leaked images of a woman soldier in skimpy lingerie and camouflage knickers have landed her in hot water with. This is the moment a quad biker slams straight into a gate at a Russian military checkpoint sending a soldier. The US is set to dish out high-tech weapons to Ukrainian forces fighting Russian separatists in the east, according to.

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Last year, without any systematic study of the consequences, the Obama administration reversed longstanding policies that excluded those who identify as transgender, on both psychological and medical grounds, from serving in the U. The armed services immediately stopped discharging existing service members who suffer from gender dysphoria unhappiness with their biological sex at birth. Phase Two of this policy—allowing persons who identify as transgender to join the military—was scheduled to take effect on July 1,

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The screenshot above is from a video made by the pair. In the clip, they make fun of the "bravo" quote, using a popular drink of the same name. The year-old quit her job following the online abuse.

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In a sensational development, an alleged sex video of a female officer and a Special Forces commando of the Indian Army has gone viral along with dozens of their pictures showing them in intimate positions. The video and the pictures were allegedly taken by the male officer using his mobile phone. For the last two days, the video and pictures of the two officers have been going viral.

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In the wake of recent allegations that members of the U. Marine Corps shared illicit photos of female colleagues without their consent, a new report by Business Insider contains allegations that members of other military branches also engaged in the practice. Users of the website allegedly asked on numerous occasions for nude photos of specific female service members, some of whom were identified by name or the military base at which they were stationed. The photos shared on the message board are said to date back toaccording to Business Insider.

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When a security guard came along to check on them, they quickly dressed. According to the police report:. The footage shows a former co-accused turning around and beginning to urinate.

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Georgia's deputy interior minister has been arrested for allegedly leaking a gay sex tape involving a critical journalist. Chicken meat production in Turkey fell by 1. Galatasaray has dominated Turkish football for most of the past decade, winning 14 of 24 domestic trophies in the last eight seasons.


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