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Breathing is something we all do with no thought and little consideration. So we take it for granted. But with some simple modifications to your breath it can lead to profound changes is your sexual practice.

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MY back arching, I give in to the waves of pleasure pulsing through me as my orgasm hits. The women around me are mostly in their thirties, and a mixture of mums, lawyers, writers and teachers. Dressed in comfy leisurewear, we perch on blue mats placed in a broad circle around our guide, sex therapist Carolyn Cowan.

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Men, after all, have to deal with the frustrating refractory period—after an orgasm, their penises stay limp no matter how much they try to coax them into action. Their energy levels are depleted, anyway, and they often just want to sleep. But men actually can have multiple orgasms—as long as they separate their orgasm from the physiological experience of ejaculation.

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While you may scream the house down, his may not seem as intense. Now, we know that just like every woman, every man is different especially in the sexual needs department! Does he start twitching?

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As many enterprising people with clitorises know, there are various things you can try to have a better orgasm—and twice as many that will get in the way of it happening at all. Even if you're a pro at the O, experts say you might be hampering your climaxes without realizing it. To determine whether you fall into that camp, mentally transport yourself to those moments when you realize, oh yes, you're about to orgasmthere's absolutely no going back.

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As a society we carry a lot of entrenched ideas about sex. Perhaps one of the most deeply ingrained assumptions is that women can have multiple orgasms, and that men can't. But is that really true?

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Did you know, for example, that your pupils often dilate when you climax? Ed claims 68 percent of women admitted to faking an orgasm with their partner at some point. According to Cleveland Clinicboth women and women go through each phase of the sexual response cycle, consisting of: desire libidoarousal excitementorgasm and resolution.

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During intercourse, as a man nears orgasm, his pelvic thrusts become less voluntary and more automatic, and the muscles of the penis begin to contract rhythmically in order to eject semen from the urethra. When an orgasm begins, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration all increase. The orgasm marks the final stage of the arousal response in men.

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The process of learning to have multiple orgasms for men is partly a matter of unlearning beliefs about orgasms and sexual response. The key is to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate experiences for men. Here's how:.

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Curious about what an orgasm feels like for a man? Sure, you could read up on the science behind it in order to learn the basics — which would include elementary things like increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and rapid breathing. You might learn that men can orgasm without ejaculation. Not to mention the fact that the male orgasm tends to be shorter than its female counterpart.


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