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Bulking is the process of increasing your calorie intake to gain weight, preferably in the form of muscle mass with minimal fat gain. Bodybuilders bulk to add mass between competitions, and athletes may also bulk in the off-season to build size, strength and power. Not only do you need increased calories when bulking, you need extra protein as well -- optimal protein intake for bulking is around 0.

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Whether recreational or competitive, bodybuilding is often referred to as a lifestyle, as it involves both the time you spend in and outside the gym. In order to maximize your results from the gym, you must focus on your diet, as eating the wrong foods can be detrimental to your bodybuilding goals. This article explains what to eat and avoid on a bodybuilding diet and provides a one-week sample menu.

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This easy meal prep is meant for bodybuilders or those looking to bulk up. This means you need to consume more energy than you exert and give your body enough carbs to ensure you have enough energy to both fuel your workouts and replenish the glycogen you torched during it. And, it may take you a few times until you can make it as quickly as efficiently as possible.

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Chicken breasts are staple brawn builders, but veggies are equal, if not better, in their muscle-building prowess. Follow this guide to broaden your shoulders and your bank balance. A lot.

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In early I started following a strict bodybuilding diet, which involves eating seven times a day, and obsessively measuring out every meal to meet a predetermined ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. To commit to this food plan, I usually have to pack my meals in tupperware and bring them with me to parties and other social outings. It first started with a health checkup in early

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We all love a cheat day — it's the only thing that gets us through the supersets — but it seems as though a lot of you love them a little too much. According to a recent survey of 3, customers by health food retailer Musclefood. Come on chaps.

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There are several factors which influence how much muscle you can build in a month. It should come as no surprise that you have to sling some heavy weights. That is non-negotiable.

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What are the best foods and supplements for bulking? We can finally trade in our cuts for some quality mass and strength. Get a competitive edge right here as we show you what bulking is, what you need, how long to do it, and more.

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There are major obstacles on a strict budget, but I will outline how to achieve your bodybuilding goals nonetheless. Follow these tips and you can do it, too! Flipping through the latest issue of any reputable bodybuilding or fitness magazine can be a daunting process for many individuals new to the lifestyle, not because chiseled abs or squatting three times your bodyweight seems unattainable—we fitness freaks are an ambitious bunch.

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