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It was released onto the European Metroid website. It is available to play with English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian text, which is selected before starting the game. This article is written from the Real Life point of view. Of note is that the game uses the GameCube version's original logo. A map to the right can be used to assist with navigation. After all items have been collected, a password will be given to the player that will allow them to resume their progress when they return to the site. The map with a legend of the items and their locations.

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The second Tallon Overworld theme from the GameCube game plays throughout this game, although it cuts off abruptly before looping.

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Sign In Don't have an account? The game is a point and click adventure played from a first-person perspective in the style of the Metroid Prime series , with the goal being to collect all of the items that can be found in Metroid Prime on the GameCube. These are found in destructible crates, which can be opened by clicking on them.

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