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However, we began to talk it out and walk back to his house. Afterward she smiled which I found wildly exciting. I moved them aggressively, greedily over her body with my fingers spread so as to cover more of her. But soon, I start rubbing my hand on his dick faster than I had been and his breathing gets really choppy and he starts moaning. I start stroking him at the same speed hes fingering me: When he speeds up, I speed up.

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River. Age: 31.
hands down panties tumblr

He looks at me and immediately hugs me from behind, just standing in that embrace for a few seconds before walking on.

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Willow. Age: 31.
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One day my best friend came to Six Flags with my family and i. If you have a steamy story, send it as a submission, as well! I had seen her around for months but had not talked to her even though I had wanted to.

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