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queen of the reef destiny
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Mysterious, enigmatic and cold yet charismatic, proud and intelligent, Mara Sov is a queen of few words who is deeply committed to ensure her people's place in the universe and can be ruthless in her methods. Another was Sjur Eido , Mara's lover and her first Queen's Wrath; even as Mara began to isolate herself emotionally, she remained far less formal with Sjur than most others she interacted with, regarding her as her 'beloved'. She told her advisor that he did not need to and began to leave, but Uldren questioned what sentence she would pass on Skolas. However, upon examining him, Skolas whispered something Variks interpreted as "Light-snuffer" and "Dark-Binder". Queen of the Awoken Firstborn of the Awoken.

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queen of the reef destiny

Mara Sov cuts communication soon after, stating the "battle continues on" but promises that she would respond to any message they give as soon as she can and that she has faith in her Wrath.

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Her brother mocked the Guardian for running, but they informed the Queen and Prince that they did not run and transmatted a Gate Lord's head into the throne room, surprising Mara and Uldren. Other media Strategy Guide. Community Administrators Dante the Ghost. At the Guardian's fourth visit, Mara immediately demanded to know how her brother had died.

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