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The audience, including Alice, takes it the wrong way and boos him. Larry talks Sammi, the Greens' daughter into giving their dog away after Jeff starts suffering from terrible allergies; later he has to devise a plan to get the dog back from Stu and Susan Braudy. Restaurant Manager Jim teaches Larry a restaurant tip about stains. He fights with the interior designer at Diane's house and injures his finger again. Although this season has no major plot line, there is a small plot of Larry trying to obtain a bracelet to give to Cheryl and another small two-episode plot involving Larry and Cheryl trying to have a wire that runs through their backyard removed. Larry travels to Arizona to find his birth parents and becomes a Christian, transforming his entire demeanor, and donates his kidney to Richard Lewis. Larry pitches the idea to various networks, but eventually ends up alienating or offending everyone he makes a deal with, and anyone else attached to the project.

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Larry accidentally trips Shaquille O'Neal at a Lakers basketball game, which suddenly seems to give him good luck.

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Cheryl Hines

Larry is puzzled by his father-in-law having bought a nail used in The Passion of the Christ. This doesn't go well, and Bridget breaks up with him. After years of resistance, Larry agrees to do a Seinfeld reunion special when he realizes that giving Cheryl a major role might get her to take him back; Larry has another run-in with Susie after he supposedly saves her life by identifying that she has Lyme disease. Larry accidentally lifts off her veil when he opens his umbrella; Haboos is mortified and goes in her house, while Larry is horrified that she is ugly.

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