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The giant Oni grabbed Sumiko by the ankle and started to drag her across the floor. The crowd cheered at the three women's perfect bodies. She walked with confidence as the horde of men and Oni chanted her name. Leiko was on top of an Oni rocking her hips up and down. The ninja didn't let up on the three kunoichi. Suzumebachi slid to a stop throwing two daggers at the three doppelgangers. Leiko and Sumiko screamed out from the fiery sting of the oil.

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An Oni grabbed her by the hair and bent her forward.

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Sumiko's Sweaty Foot Humiliation After De-Feet

She could feel a hot energy radiating from down below. The giant Oni set out a powerful straight right for Sumiko. Sumiko also joined the two. Despite that the Oni's cock was still too much for poor Sumiko to take.

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