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lion king creepypasta
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Later in the level the ostrich he is supposed to ride was beheaded and skinned with frightening realism. I just thought of that as an easy out and began to run through the game. It was me, sitting in front of the screen. Was this twisted game trying to pass off that Mufasa was supposed to have let go of the cliff on purpose? As I ran I noticed that the spots that were supposed to have hyenas instead had bloody skinned corpses instead. Each one he killed off was murdered in the same merciless, violent way.

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I made it to the last level.

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The Lion King Sega Game Creepypasta

I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Then the image twisted in on itself and faded to black. Then at the end when he found Rafiki at the pool of water and Mufasa appeared in the sky, Simba started shaking. I finished the crumbling elephant graveyard level and prepared for the Stampede Level and whatever dark twist was next.

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