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Sinbad has shown us time and time again his wonderful toned body and does not shy away with it. His physique is superb and those tattoos that are attached to him adds more to his charisma. Vengeance took over him at one point and caused him the life of the person who thought him the art of Ice. He likes to get drunk and surround himself with women. He is kind, active, funny and has that unique appeal that both genders will love. To simply put he loves destruction and violence. None much is known about his past, making him one of the most enigmatic character in the series.

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This trope has been currently famous around with female audiences especially with the coming of the anime Free!

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Kaydence. Age: 26.
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He likes to strip when given the chance. Fullbuster, Gray is a member of the fairy tail guild that uses the power of ice. Armstrong is genuinely kind and caring to those around him, often checking their well-being. Before the start of the series, he worked as an assistant under Matoi, Isshin who eventually lead him to watch Ryuko and show her Senketsu as per request of his friend.

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