Kawaii drawing ideas

kawaii drawing ideas
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Some easy ways to make your style pop is to change the width, colour, or texture of your lines over different parts of the illustration. Asymmetry and irregularity Easy places to break up symmetry include hairstyle, accessories, colour accents, patterns, shading, or the pose A completely symmetrical figure can appear quite sterile or at worst, like the lazy result of a copy, paste, and flip. If your line-art has to be symmetrical, then adding shading on different sides or drawing the character from a slight angle will also create an illusion of asymmetry. Kawaii style contains many archetypal themes and imagery which can make it tricky to produce something original. See more Graphic design articles. So instead of trying to imitate what already exists, use your personal knowledge and interests to create something new.

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kawaii drawing ideas

The more you immerse yourself in kawaii art, the easier it becomes to distinguish its nuances and find a niche for your own design.

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10 tips for kawaii character design

Using eye contact to establish connection is a basic trick when designing for fast-paced surroundings. Texture Any type of detail, pattern, or repeating shape gives your character textural depth Similar to irregularity, adding texture makes your character more tangible and interesting to look at. So whenever the need for a roundish shape arises, give it that extra bit of individuality by playing around with oval, square-oval, egg, and other organic curves.

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