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The multipressure configuration with split feed reduces the flow into the bottom section, which also reduces the equivalent work. Congressional Research Service Report for Congress. These amines are also used in many oil refineries to remove sour gases from liquid hydrocarbons such as liquified petroleum gas LPG. Amines are used to remove CO 2 in various areas ranging from natural gas production to the food and beverage industry, and have been for over sixty years. However, there are tradeoffs to consider. Solvents with high heats of absorption require less energy for stripping from temperature swing at fixed capacity.

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The stripped overhead gas from the regenerator is concentrated H 2 S and CO 2.

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Processes within oil refineries or chemical processing plants that remove hydrogen sulfide are referred to as "sweetening" processes because the odor of the processed products is improved by the absence of hydrogen sulfide. In the biogas production it is sometimes necessary to remove carbon dioxide from the biogas to make it comparable with the natural. Vacuum operation favors solvents with low heats of absorption while operation at normal pressure favors solvents with high heats of absorption. For more information about selecting the amine concentration, the reader is referred to Kohl and Nielsen's book.

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