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Shizune stood up from her place behind the shrub and giggled delightedly at the scene in front of her. Then Shizune's voice broke through her train of thought, "Well, this was fun, but I'm interested in finding out Ten-Ten's tickle spot so I'm gonna just go ahead and finish this Ino. Looking over at Hinata, the older woman saw the fear in her lavender eyes as she waited for the tickling to come. After shuffling through her own pouch, the bluenette pulled out a fuzzy washer and began flossing it between the spasming digits. Was that what it meant to be ticklish? I was a lousy test-taker back in the academy. But we all know what happened with that.

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This was the attitude Sakura carried with her as Shizune moved from her sides up to the armpits.

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Translation of "mentolino-ino-ino" in English

On Ino's end, the blonde was simply jerking to-and-fro as her soles were teased. The response was immediate. I find that very hard to believe.

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