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Light-skinned people living in high sunlight environments are more susceptible to the harmful UV rays of sunlight because of the lack of melanin produced in the skin. For the same body region, individuals, independently of skin colour, have the same amount of melanocytes however variation between different body parts is substantial , but organelles which contain pigments, called melanosomes, are smaller and less numerous in light-skinned humans. A certain amount of vitamin D which penetrates the skin helps the body to absorb more calcium which is essential for building and maintaining bones, especially for developing embryos. There are health implications of light-skinned people living in environments of high UV radiation. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Archived from the original on 5 November

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Light-skinned people have recessive genes for skin color.

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Light skin

The supposition that dark skin evolved in the absence of selective pressure was put forward by the probable mutation effect hypothesis. An abundance of clinical and epidemiological evidence supports that light skin pigmentation developed due to the importance of maintaining vitamin D3 production in the skin. Some Arctic populations, such as the Inuit , could retain some of their skin pigmentation in areas of low UV radiation. People with light type II skin can produce previtamin D3 in their skin at rates 5—10 times faster than dark-skinned type V people.

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