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In certain turtle species, the temperature of the egg determines whether the offspring is female or male. But now, new research shows that the embryos have some say in their own sexual destiny: they can move around inside the egg to find different temperatures. The study, publishing August 1 in the journal Current Biologyexamines how this behavior may help turtles offset the effects of climate change.

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The unanimous ruling immediately affects only San Diego County but will almost certainly apply to other densely populated counties, including San Francisco. The court said, however, that state prison officials could impose tougher residency restrictions case by case on individual ex-offenders who are on parole, depending on their circumstances and the dangers they might pose to children. Prison officials say there are nearly 84, formerly imprisoned sex offenders in California who are required to register with police each year for life, and whose addresses appear on a publicly available database.

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This ingenious sex toy provides more "cushion for the pushin'"… literally. The Bumper Thrust Buffer from Perfect Fit is the first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing an opportunity for more passionate sex without restraint. Receiving partners can find pleasure in the Bumper's ability to make sex more enjoyable within their comfort zone.

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The team previously demonstrated that reptile embryos could move around within their egg for thermoregulation, and wanted to learn if this behavior had a big enough impact to determine sex. They incubated freshwater turtle eggs under various temperatures in lab conditions and in ponds, determining that a single embryo might experience a range of up to 4. A shift larger than 2 degrees can drastically alter the sex ratio of many turtle species, with higher temperatures leading to a skew toward females. The researchers applied a chemical that blocks temperature sensors, known as capsazepine, to half the eggs, and left the rest as they were.

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For many species of turtles and tortoises higher temperatures means a female is more likely to emerge from the egg. Eggs exposed to high temperatures are more likely to be females, and cooler eggs more likely to be males, in some species. It's a quirk of nature that has some scientists worried that these turtle populations will become skewed towards females as global temperatures rise.

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They were stunned to learn one of their neighbors, who lives just steps from Ravenwood Elementary School, is a registered sex offender. In Missourithere are laws that keep sex offenders from living within 1, feet of a school. But in Kansasthere are no restrictions and that has one dad demanding a change.

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Children who experience recurrent destructive conflicts between their parents are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems later in life. However, if they share a strong bond with their sibling, it may protect them against the negative effects of parental strife, a new study has found. The study, published in the journal Child Development, suggests that adolescents who witnessed high levels of acrimony between their parents had greater distressed responses to parental conflict a year later. Those responses, in turn, predicted mental health problems in the subsequent year.


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