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Phones have evolved over the years from big rotary dialers to hand-held computers, but the human body has yet to evolve the shape of the hand to match the device. Like most people, I use my phone every day for things like:. If your list is anywhere close to mine, it means your smartphone is in your hands for hours from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

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Inalmost everybody has a mobile phone, for some people, it is the most important thing in their lives. They search, communicate, navigate and even buy products with their phones. The Thumb Zone refers to the surface area of a mobile device screen that is most reachable and accessible by your thumb.

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Online sellers have spent a great deal of time implementing features that support cross-device shopping. This includes researching and tweaking their websites to accommodate various screen sizes, browsers, and connectivity. Is your online store missing out on sales because of restrictive navigation and calls to action that are difficult to reach?

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It is a depressingly modern condition in which the tendons around the thumb inflame as a result of repetitive strain — in my case because I had, for hours a day over years of a life, tapped that right-hand digit onto the glass of my smartphone. The condition sounds like the subject of a local television news trend story about teenagers whose thumbs seize up while they play video games. It was definitely not something I, a mature professional, should ever have. I began to call it my numb thumb.

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In only one night, they sold almost half of what they sold the entire opening weekend last year for iPhone 5s and 5c. The decline is already in motion. That means that learning how to design for thumbs is now more important than ever.

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By Cecile Borkhataria For Dailymail. A condition that used to only be seen in factory workers is affecting smartphone users in increasing numbers, experts have warned. It's called 'smartphone thumb,' and it's caused by the repetitive motion of typing on a smartphone keyboard.

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These six strategies will help you stay safe when you're out with your pooch. Compared to jobs in construction, transportation and mining, office work might seem safe. But desk jobs can also pose dangers

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Pity the poor thumb. Designed by nature to grasp, hold, pinch and grip; we now command it to text, type, browse and swipe. Smartphone use can often equal hand pain for people who end up clutching and pecking on the little screens for hours, leading to a boost in complaints at the offices of hand specialists.

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Usability for mobile is more about how it feels and behaves than how it looks. People use fingers to interact with the screen, in difference with the traditional desktop experience with a mouse and keyboard. This means mobile is more about how it feels rather than how it looks.

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Shutterstock Here are a few things I use my phone for each and every day:. Needless to say, it's a lot. From the moment I wake up until I'm getting ready for bed, my iPhone is constantly in my hand.


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