Journal articles on adult gender depression

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Depression has a high prevalence in the general population, especially among women. There is no consensus in the scientific literature about differences between men and women in the manifestations of depressive symptoms, nor about psychotherapy indications according to gender. This research aimed to verify differences in depressive symptoms and symptoms improvement between young adult men and women with current Major Depressive Disorder and to identify differences between two brief Cognitive Psychotherapy models.

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While women are at a greater risk for depression, men with depression are at a greater risk for mistimed and inadequate treatment. Online depression communities offer immediate support for both genders, and may reduce the risk for those depressed men who avoid the traditional mental healthcare system. This study aimed to explore gender differences among members of online depression communities.

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Additionally, self-report and performance measures of EI have been shown to be weakly correlated Brackett et al. There is little previous research available on differences in EI ability at different stages of adult development. Previous studies on EI ability and age have shown contradictory results.

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Due to institutional ethical restrictions from the Queen's University Heath Sciences and Affiliated Hospitals Research Ethics Board, Kingston; data are available upon request from the authors. Please contact Dr. Alvarado at ac.

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Major depression: does gender influence the risk of recurrence? A systematic review. Background and Objectives: A woman's lifetime risk of major depression is almost twice as high as that of a man.

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This study examined gender differences in depression by examining differential exposure and vulnerability to socioeconomic factors during the life course. The data used for the analyses originated from a cross-national survey of older adults living in seven large Latin American cities. We examined associations between depressive symptomatology and socioeconomic conditions and health indicators in childhood, adulthood, and old age.

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Emerging adulthood is a period from the late teens through the twenties, when individuals are faced with more transitions and life-decisions than at any other stage of life. For the majority, psychological well-being is improved in this period, but for a significant number of individuals these challenges and contingencies entail many controversies, which in turn can lead to depression or anxiety. This paper focuses on the background of, and risk factors behind, high level depression among university students, who are typically in this life stage, in order to identify the typical client characteristics of a university counselling centre.

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The aims of this study were to explore the relationship between perceived social support and depression in a sample of emerging adults, and subsequently to identify the type of social support young people consider most helpful in dealing with this type of emotional distress. Qualitative and validated instruments for measuring depressive symptoms the BDI-II, Beck depression inventory and social support the Mannheim interview on social support were administered. Loss of friendships over time and dissatisfaction with social and psychological support are variables associated with depression in emerging adulthood. Qualitative analysis revealed gender differences both in strategies for managing distress, and in how social support was understood to mitigate depressive symptoms.

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E-mail address: skicateg libero. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more.

Mental illness is associated with a significant burden of morbidity and disability. Lifetime prevalence rates for any kind of psychological disorder are higher than previously thought, are increasing in recent cohorts and affect nearly half the population. Despite being common, mental illness is underdiagnosed by doctors. Less than half of those who meet diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders are identified by doctors.


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