Greenish yellow vaginal discharge in pregancy

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By Bonnie Schiedel Nov 28, Photo: iStock. Some women might notice extra saliva, a runny nose and, yes, more vaginal discharge.

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In early pregnancy, your body may produce more vaginal discharge, and before labor begins you may notice a blood-tinged mucus discharge. Sometimes, your discharge may indicate a problem, like an infection. Read on to find out about the different types of discharge you might notice during pregnancy.

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Green vaginal discharge is typically considered a sign of infection. The green discharge could be the sign of an infection that could cause serious complications for your pregnancy. Most women, including pregnant women, do not have symptoms with a chlamydial infection.

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If you are pregnant, chances are, you probably get worked up about every little change in your body. While some changes are simply annoying, few can signal an underlying condition. Vaginal discharge is quite normal during pregnancy, but the color of the discharge can tell you whether you need to consult a doctor or simply run down to the supermarket for some panty liners.

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Women's Health. Vaginal discharge can vary in colour and texture throughout the menstrual cycle. If you see green discharge in your underwear it may immediately set off alarm bells.

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There is a whole range of colors that women see in their vaginal discharge, some considered normal, and some abnormal. Before and after your period, discharge may appear yellow, orange, brick red, or brown. During the rest of the month, discharge is usually clear, white, cream, or even a very pale yellow.

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Love it or hate it, it is a normal occurrence and a great way to indicate whether your vagina is in good health! Your discharge is a reflection of what is happening internally. By analyzing the odorcolor, and consistency, you can recognize if you may have an infection or if you are just ovulating!

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Find out when discharge during pregnancy is normal, and when it could signal a problem. It's the little things that really get us worked up: a weird discharge, a spot of blood, a wet pair of underwear, or an annoying itch that just won't go away. These little things create big worries for a lot of mothers, especially since their causes and symptoms vary greatly.

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When you are expecting, your body goes through so many changes it's hard to know what's normal and what's cause for worry. Am I supposed to feel hot all the time? Why I am so forgetful? And what is this weird vaginal discharge?


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