Rance quest of hikari

rance quest of hikari
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The main playable and the titular character of the Rance series. The leader of the Zeth resistance group Ice Flame. A second original video animation series, Rance Hikari wo Motomete The Animation , was an adaptation of the re-release of the first game, Rance 01 — Hikari Quest — , and was released from December 26, to June 24, She is first encountered in Rance 5D — Lonely Girl — , while seeking a man who has great luck. The temporary stop in the production of Rance games, including the release of "Daiakuji" a year prior, led to the largest time-gap in-between the release of two Rance games. She is a noted magic user, although she is not as powerful as Sill due to her limitations.

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It is the first territory acquisition-based Rance game, and was the genesis for other similarly-designed games.

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Rance: Quest for Hikari

It was released on the same computer systems as the first Rance game was. The cover of the first game of the Rance series, Rance — Hikari Quest —. The games generally feature quests and other missions that he embarks upon to gain or regain the money he has lost.

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