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The show features a slew of sexy girls living in a mansion and having lots of fights in contrived situations. Tila Tequila was an early adopter of social media and helped set the template for the girls that now make a living posting hot pictures to Instagram. She is just one of the many actresses that have had their icloud accounts hacked and all of their personal information leaked all over the internet. Her TV career has not thrived outside of the show, which might explain why a hardcore tape starring her and boyfriend Nikko Smith showed up in At that point, her fame was waning, which is when she hatched the idea of making a hardcore tape.

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Alice. Age: 29.
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It got nastier when she attempted to get a reality show to make money.

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Josephine. Age: 29.
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YesJulz Sex Video Julz Goddard is one of those people who got incredibly famous thanks to the social media by simply sharing their every day stories and adventures, both the good ones and the bad ones. As you might imagine, athletes possess the hottest bodies in the world, and Zsuzsa is no exception. She was not able to help them win, but she did get to sing on television and has since produced singles and music videos where you can appreciate just how flawlessly gorgeous she is. They mostly get rid of the structure of shows of this type and just let the ladies act horribly to each other in order to stay on and get famous.

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