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Eventually, Keller positioned himself as an accelerationist Trump voter, a provocation that either caused or coincided with his fade-out from the industry. Gay representation was pluralizing enough for it to feel like sex work might not foreclose any hope of mattering to the world, even just the gay world. I want exceptionality without isolation, and I want good faith without free rides. Sometimes this compels people to confess to me about the moment I appeared in their feed, and that they did not breach the platonic boundary of getting off to my videos. Does Emma Stone remember me?

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One cannot escape the uncanny paranoia that I have seen you through the screen, that just because you have given your time and fantasies and cum to me, that I have received them.

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Adrienne. Age: 29.
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I hate feeling like a plebe— or worse, a climber! Not long after, I began to send out model applications. Their film together was one of the few I would go back to and still get off on re-watching.

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