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By the time I got back to the parking area he was pulling out already. He stopped touching himself and put both hands on his hips and put his cock right in front of my mouth. He seemed shocked by how forward I was but agreed that he was into it. This past summer during a few days off from work, I found myself home surfing through some cruising sites online. Plus he was probably about fifteen or twenty years older than me, so at the very least having a younger guy offering to suck his cock should have turned him on.

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Kayleigh. Age: 32.
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His cock had a musky smell of sex combined with perspiration.

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Gwen. Age: 30.
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First taste : Blowjob swallowing - Part 2

I could see that he wasn't fully hard yet but he was touching himself in an effort to get hard. As I got to about five feet away I looked around to make sure we were alone. I hadn't gagged yet but this was too much for my first time. The big , puffy head, a deep shade of purple, was larger than the shaft arching violently up, his cockhead pulsed towards me as if demanding attention.

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