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Photo courtesy of Amanda Scriver. Being a fat girl on top can be physically tiring. Are there toys we could be using? After years of exhilarating, underwhelming, and experimental fat sex, I have come to this conclusion: I love facesitting. Fat people deserve all the pleasure in the world. You have to be confident to try facesitting, but confidence can also come with practice. I would stare at my naked body in a mirror and ask myself: Am I too fat to try this specific sex act?

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My insecurities stemmed from within.

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Fat Women Facesitting Clips

Couples should discuss what they specifically enjoy in advance. They suggest the bottom partner use a pillow to prop up their neck, so they have enough space to breathe and move their neck and arms throughout the act. No matter your size or weight, facesitting is a sex act where the focus is entirely on you: you get to be the one in control of the own sensation.

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