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That doesn't make having sex with animals okay or advisable—there seems to be a link between men having sex with farm animals and penile cancer—but you're not the only woman or girl out there who has allowed a pet to lick her genitals. He even made a little joke about me and the little poodle at the pearly gates. Want to stop feeling so horrible about it? Instead, do some actual, useful penance, PUPPIES, and then make up your mind to redirect all of the energy you're currently devoting to feeling terrible into finally forgiving yourself. Not all people who engage in acts of bestiality are zoophiles, not all zoophiles engage in acts of bestiality. The guilt, the feelings of shame—let them go.

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Sarah. Age: 22.
women suck dog

The guilt, the feelings of shame—let them go.

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Jaliyah. Age: 32.
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Savage Love Letter of the Day: I Let My Dog Lick My Crotch—Can I Still Go To Heaven?

Do you want to support The Stranger? So let it go—finally and forever. Those were some powerful orgasms for sure. Years later, as a very horny and very frustrated something, I again found myself with a cute little pet who was only too happy to lick me.

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