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Clinton Hutchison, Steven G. Meanwhile, Charlie reconnects with Derek's mother while Derek and Sam become romantically connected themselves. As he dies, Mitch says "my curse is now yours". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mitch later abducts Charlie, and reveals to him that he doesn't need the moon to change, that he learned to control himself to the extent that he can transform at will. Sam and Derek both suspect that Mitch is the werewolf. Brown Sarah Christine Smith.

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Derek finds out and it puts a strain on her and Derek's relationship.

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Big Bad Wolf (In This Moment song)

Eventually, they set Mitch on fire and the cabin burns down. Two men are hunting in the jungle of Cameroon when one from another group of two people calls and says that his guide is missing. Derek arrives, but another group of teenagers go to the cabin to investigate the previous massacre a running gag in the film.

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