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Sign In Don't have an account? While an overall expert in academics, Mizuki is utterly terrible at cooking. Idiots, Classes, and the Summoner Test War. When she is drunk however, or her emotions are stirred, her actions can cross the line. During the ESB field error, her avatar changes its appearance drastically, growing into a more "mature" version of Himeji and sporting even larger breasts, much to her embarrassment and Akihisa Yoshii and Kouta Tsuchiya 's delight. She says; "I'm summoning my avatar!

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Gosh I missed the discussions we had.

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Mizuki Himeji

Along with that she has light pink hair with loose curls. Yuuji Sakamoto concluded that, as Mizuki does not taste her food when she cooks, she always end up cramming as many "nutrition"as she can find into the food, unintentionally creating the horrendous taste and lethality which they were infamous for. In the anime, Mizuki and Minami acts as if she is Akihisa's girlfriend. Mizuki is very smart and excels in school subjects.

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