Beautiful anime girl with brown hair

beautiful anime girl with brown hair
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She enjoys learning new things and the cute expressions she puts on when she does are one of the reasons this anime girl with brown hair is the queen of this list! Let's just say that the word normal is not in her dictionary. Kurisu's real nature is much more adorable than her intellectual and cold persona. Any girl who could work somewhere like that must be an angel in her off time as well. Related Articles 15 Hottest Anime Girls With an Eyepatch There is something really alluring about anime girls who wear eye patches, but have you ever wondered what exactly makes them so interesting? The brunette bombshell of Steins;Gate , Kurisu is an intelligent and admired Brown-haired girls just wanna have fun!

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Brenda. Age: 31.
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Mikoto Misaka from Toaru Majutsu no Index A Certain Magical Index Member Favorites: 8, Although she has a bad temper and is full of pride, Mikoto also has a soft side that is friendly, outgoing and fond of cute things.

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Sandra. Age: 21.
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The Best Anime Characters With Brown Hair

Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain Member Favorites: 3, Lain is first shown to be a timid young girl, but throughout the series, she grows multiple and bolder personalities, ultimately discovering her true identity. With beautiful brown hair and a heart of gold, Holo is one fine wolf! This is especially true when it comes to hair color, as when it comes to wild shades, the blue sky's the limit! Holo is a smart, confident and seemingly alcoholic wolf deity.

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